5D Elephant Diamond Painting Kit

5D Elephant Diamond Painting Kit

5D Elephant Diamond Painting Kit

It is made of superior quality. It is durable, damp-proof, waterproof and wrinkle-free. At the same time, the unique solid adhesive is used to cover the canvas so the diamonds will not drop once pressed onto the cloth.

All the rhinestone beads have 26 facets that make the dots a lot more shining. The entire painting feels extra three dimensional and brilliant. This painting procedure is much more comfortable and less hassle.

It’s not just an excellent idea for cross stitch, embroider craft enthusiasts. However, also a fantastic gift for family and friends. This painting kit will offer a variety of designs and sizes. From the basic to elaborate so people will find a great item to try and enjoy.

5D Elephant Diamond Painting Kit is a simple and delightful activity for young and old crafters. It resembles cross stitch embroidery and paints by numbers except using paint. Diamond painting utilizes small flat backed rhinestone diamond to create vibrant and shimmering style. Applying the diamond is both relaxing and fulfilling.

Applying the diamond is an easy and fascinating process. It offers hours of pleasure as you re-create the design. It’s an excellent way to relieve stress and anxiety. Additionally, it comes to be so fulfilling when done. Get frame to pair it with your diamond painting as a wall decoration if you wish to.

Package Includes: (Frame is not included)

  • A pre-painted oil canvas, round flat backend diamond beads.
  • A tray. A pen-like tool and a pack of gel.


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